Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Living life to the fullest

Wow! Has your summer just blown by? Our's has been crazy! But things seem to winding down a little now. Birthdays are officially done. Reunions are done. Primary is done. I can slowly feel our life of routine creeping up on me. School starts in a couple of weeks. Which means back to sewing and work and early bedtimes (thank heavens)! But we have just a few more summer days ahead and we will be spending them basking in the sun, eating sno cones, and cleaning up this disaster that we call home! I'm not sure whats happened around here, but this house is a mess!

I have photos of all the kid's birthdays to share, but I don't think that will be happening anytime before September hits...I can never seem to find my camera! So I'll leave you with a fun photo of my latest Poppins bag. And by "fun photo" I mean "instagram" photo. :) Which btw, I am @tinyseamstress if you're interested in becoming one of my 40-some followers. My sneek peaks are always shown there first.

 This beauty has been making it's way around the country and I'm so happy that people are enjoying the pattern as much as I am. I have another surprise coming soon! It's a fun and simple pattern that's being photographed as we speak and will hit stores this fall. Yay!
But for now, enjoy this amazing sunshine and be safe!

Hugs and stitches!


Kristen said...

Any suggestions on where to get the metal rings....I can't seem to find any :(

Kristen said...

Any suggestions on where to get the "bling"? I can't seem to find any :(