Thursday, May 17, 2012


Since Roni's been in town, I've been making her help me with stuff, like decorating. I am not a pro decor or photography, but slowly, very slowly, I'm learning.  Anyway, we started with the mantel in my living room. I'm wanting red as an accent color to brighten things up.

 We're thinking maybe a small wreath is needed somewhere in the equation, like maybe something is missing. I'm not sure. I really like the frame and the chevron...those are my favorite!

So, tell me, what do you think?

Also, I'm slowly adding handmade products to my shop, like this bag:
So keep checking back if you're look for something fun a spring-ish to carry this summer!


Amber said...

I love it!! Red is my favorite color. It would be really fun, if you are brave enough, to paint the very edge of the clock red. :) So that only from the side will you see the red. I am sure the pictures don't give it justice. It's look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

i love the frame and the chevron too! and the bird cage!

alicia.king said...

if you don't really need the wall sconces...and if it was me...i would get rid of them, get a big old window pane to set up there, move the clock over to one side and then start a collage of family pics on the mantle. some framed, maybe a canvas one, some just backed on thick foam board...etc... but for right now i think it does look great! i love the red too! you can always add and change to it, red + aqua, red + yellow, red + green for christmas, pink + red.