Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Months!

 Really? This just can't be true! My sweet little baby is growing so so fast! Rem, you have become persistant in the things that you want (like ice fault). You light up any room with your cheesy grin and scrunched up nose. You still love that daddy of yours and only say, "da-da" never ever "mama". But that's ok. And you're light as a feather, making my life a whole lot easier with these giant boys of ours.
 You love all things shiny (you get that from your Grandma K) and will chomp my necklaces all day long. You think you're really funny when you rip your hairbows into pieces and sometimes you pull your own hair. Your hair is slowly growing and it looks like you might get a few curls in back! Eeek!

You're very patient with me when I paint your toe nails and you've been a pretty good teether. You have 3 teeth in and 5 more on their way...poor thing.
You are waving hello and goodbye. You give wonderful big wet kisses and BIG snuggles (but only to mom and dad).

 You still tease your brothers endlessly and they already know to just surrender whatever toy they have. You love sitting in your bumbo and watching me sew and sometimes I let you sit on my lap, that's your favorite!

We've tried to get you to crawl, but you seem content with your army crawl and rolling. You somehow manage to find your way around. For example, in the photo below Sawyer just pulled out his transformers and you were on a mission to get them!
I love you sweet baby girl! You are the prettiest little thing to ever come into my life! xoxo


Anonymous said...

she is so stinkin' cute tiffany!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

She is just darling! But why are all those fat rolls so cute on her and not on me? Not fair!

Enjoy every minute with your little princess!


shareenspace said...

I just love these pictures! She is growing too fast! All my children said dada before mama:). I'm glad too that she has one of my traits!!

Sianna'z Mom said...

Oh my Goodness, your daughter is too cute!!! I love her tutu!

I stumbled upon your blog today and I'm happy that I did, beautiful!