Thursday, March 1, 2012

A simple clutch tutorial

 There was a time a few months back when I was so sick of blogging, but now that I've been so sparse with it, I'm starting to miss it, just a little. I've been working on some tutorials to share with you all. Just little projects that I've wanted to do that were fun, but not quite enough to make into a whole pattern. And I've forgotten just how much work a tutorial can be! It's crazy to me that there are bloggers out there who offer a free tutorial every single day! I may not have one for you every day, but I do have a few coming this way and I hope you enjoy them!
This first one is just a simple clutch that I have really enjoyed having around. It's so quick and perfect for birthdays or baby gifts (stuff a few diapers in there) or even just travel.
To start you will need:
-1 yard of fabric
-1 snap or piece of velcro
-1/2 yard of fusible fleece
1. From your fabric you need to cut (4) 16" by 7" pieces for the body, as shown above and (2) 10.5" by 6" pieces for the flap.
2. From your fleece you need to cut (2) 16" by 7" pieces and apply to wrong sides of two body pieces. Then cut (1) 10.5" by 6" piece and apply to wrong side of a flap piece.
 3. Fold each flap piece and each body piece in half.
4. With the flap, your going to measure to the left (as shown above) 1" and cut off excess.
5. With body, you're going to measure to the left (as shown above) 2" and cut off excess.
6. Using a glass or cup, trace around each bottom corner of both body pieces and flap pieces and cut off excess.
7. Place body pieces with fusible fleece right sides together and sew down both sides and across bottom. Repeat with other two body pieces, leaving a 3" opening in the bottom to turn later.
8. Place flap pieces right sides together and sew down both sides and across bottom.
9. As shown above, you're going to clip around all curve edges of body and flap.
10. Turn flap piece right sides out, press, and top stitch. Measure from bottom center up about 1" (on non-fusible fleece side) and add velcro or snap.
11. Turn body (with fusible fleece) right sides out and measure from the top center down about 3" and add velcro or snap.
 12. On the body (with fusible fleece), on the opposite side of velcro, center the flap (as shown above, with velcro facing UP) and top stitch across the top.
 13. Place body (with fusible fleece) inside of lining body (without fusible fleece), as shown above, and sew around top edge, making sure all seams are lined up and flap is tucked inside.
14. Pull bag through the 3" opening you made earlier in the lining body. I like to call this the birthing of the bag, because it's the most painful part having to pull all that fabric through a tiny hole, but in the end it's all worth it! ;)
15. After that, you're going to top stitch your 3" opening closed and then top stitch around the whole top of the bag and voila! Your simple clutch is finished!
 Now, if you want to add a few accessories you can. I added these tiny flowers to my black and white clutch for fun and they were super easy. I just cut 2" circles, folded them into fourths and hand-stitched them on! I hope you enjoy this clutch! It's a perfect 30 minute project if you're looking for something quick and easy!

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Annalee Taylor said...

Or! Just buy one from you!! These are cute, love the fabric, and I still use mine all the time!