Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eight Months

 I'm a little late on this post cause we've been a little busy this month traveling all over the state, but we are back and settled again. Little Remi has is a crazy girl full of laughs and smiles and lots and lots of shoulder snuggles (my favorite).

Remi your favorite foods are strawberry smoothies and solid bananas! And your favorite person is ME! Usually. :) You've learned to reach for what you want and you clap a lot and wave a little...occassionally.

You are trying so hard to sit up still and are getting closer and closer each day. You sat for a few seconds before cathing yourself with your arms. You roll and pivot yourself to any destination you desire.

You absolutely HATE riding in your carseat at night! Traveling will probably be difficult for the next little while.

You have two bottom teeth and two more on the way. You've been a lot happier since they broke through as well.

We love you lots little Remi Jean Bean! Keep that gummy grin of yours! It's our fave!


shareenspace said...

I love these pictures! I enjoyed her & your boys so much and, of course, you! Love you tons & miss you tons!

D'Neill said...

So cute, it was so fun to see your kids! Here's my comment so I can go from "stalker" to "follower", right? ;)

Alex said...

she is beautiful!