Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So I Never Forget.

On Sunday, my counselors and I decided that it would be best to have sharing time based around our sweet Preslee and we knew that the children would want to do something special for her. I decided that I would begin by explaining that there was a really sick little girl in our ward... and before I finished about 15 little hands shot up in the air. They were so anxious to tell me the story of Preslee that they already knew, followed in detail of the prayers and fasting that their families were doing together. They told me how Preslee was their neighbor or their friend, Ashley was their teacher, Pat was their buddy, and one time Preslee did this or that, etc. They all knew the Sullengers in some way. I think that every leader in the room was filled with tears as the children and I discussed what a hospital is like, what makes you feel better when you're sick, and how presents are the best medicine. ;) I asked the children if they had ever been in the hospital and one little boy raised his broken arm in the air, I couldn't help by chuckle a little.
They decided that they would each make a card for the parents (I can't tell you how many times I spelled out P-R-E-S-L-E-E and S-U-L-L-E-N-G-E-R) and then a little something extra special for Preslee. You might remember the quilt that I blogged about awhile back. We had packed this quilt to take with us to Sawyer's appointment at Primary Children's this last weekend. Coincidently and accidently the hospitals got their wires crossed and they cancelled our appointment, so we weren't able to go. We figured we'd take the quilt when we returned in August, but on Sunday those plans took an abrupt turn and that precious little quilt now looks like this:
Each child in the primary so carefully wrote their names in the designated spots. They were so excited to have something to send to Preslee. A week ago I didn't know what to do with myself in this calling. I wasn't sure what to teach these children or how to help them understand. Silly me, I should have known that I wouldn't be the one teaching in this calling! They're teaching me just what I need to know. And even if the squares aren't even and the names aren't straight, and perhaps some are written larger than others...they still did a much better job than I ever could on a quilt. They did it just right! They're passing every ounce of their love along and what greater lesson can there be than to just love one another? I hope that having all of these little names (each a Child of God) close to her will bring her warmth and comfort.


shareenspace said...

This is such a thoughtful thing to do. It will be cherished.

Betsy said...

Tiff, you are making some other primary presidents (me) feel like losers. This is something Preslee's family will cherish and that your other primary kids will always remember. I know you were inspired to do it and I'm so proud of you for following through.

taggdarci said...

I know you don't know me, but I see you at church occasionally and I have to say that you are AMAZING!! The quilt is PERFECT in every way. It's tender mercies like these that bring us all unto Christ, thanks for sharing!

Caden and Mommy said...

So sweet Tiffany .... absolutely adorable!!!
Isnt it amazing how often the kids are the ones teaching us?! :0)

Tate, MeriBeth & Presdee said...

The quilt turned out great! So thoughtful. Children really do have so much love and can love in such a perfect way.

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Kim said...

I saw that Preslee has passed. What a horrible tragic event. How wonderful that you were about to make this quilt as I am sure that her family will cherish it. I am catching up on blog posts and I saw that you just had a picture of your family. And you are thankful for them. Tonight I understand that sentiment. I just want to go hug Preston extra tight.

MJCastleton said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet experience. I was very touched by it. You are a special lady! I then was curious about little Preslee so I clicked on the link and read her story. My heart breaks for her family. But what an incredible outlook they have and what an inspirational direction they have taken with such a tragedy. I admire them immensely. TX again for sharing.

Greene Family said...

So sweet! Kids are amazing. This is a perfect gift that I'm sure her parents will cherish. Times like this certainly make you want to give your kids so many more hugs in a day. The Sullengers and their family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers.