Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Collection 2010

Are you ready for this? I'm not sure I am. I'm so excited about this little collection! It's very curvy. Every single pattern comes with templates, for easy-breezy-ness.
This first bag is called, Seamstressed. It's my absolute favorite bag thus far! It's bucket-like structure makes for easy access to everything and the handles come off, allowing it to form into whatever style of bag you want to use it as. The pockets wrap all the way around the bag and are so convenient, it's almost too easy. I just love it! You have all seen this one before...cause it's on my sidebar. :) I should have named it the funky clutch instead of the Tiny Clutch. The closure coming from the bottom instead of the top has seemed to draw more attention than ever expected. It's actually my favorite feature, aside from the fact that the bag is actually folded in half. It's a little bigger than tiny and fits just right for date night with your hubbie.
The next pattern is called Diaper Savvy. I wanted to offer something that would match my other bags. There is one to coordinate with Simply Legendary and one for the Jumbo Glam bag. Each holds about 4 diapers and wipes. And don't be fooled by the elastic, those diapers are super secure inside.
And the Legendary Mini. This bag, if you do recall, was originated in the Tiny Seamstress Throwdown. It's had quite a few adjustments made though, making it a much more useful bag. My little niece Rylie (who looves to read) sports it everywhere with all of her books in adorable.
So there you have it! These are all in my Etsy shop and to celebrate the fact that I'm actually following through with a goal by going to market, I'm having an introductory sale. Every pattern is $6 for a very limited time. So hop on over and grab 'em before they're gone....ok they'll never be gone, just the price will be gone. :)
Happy Sewing!


amy said...

love, love, love. See you at market!

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow, all of these bags are soo unique!! i LOVE the tiny clutch!!

Romberg Family said...

i love them all!!!! The love the first bag! Heading over to buy the diaper savvy pattern! :)

hipchic~cynde said...

I love all of them :)
Very fun and unique!

Emily said...

Awesome! I think I need some new patterns...the Diaper Savvy will come in handy!

Destini said...

Very cute!!! I will have to wait out the patterns until you are back into bag making! I could totally use a Seamstressed! And I think Miss Taylor would love a Legendary Mini!

Cris A said...

These are beautiful!

shareenspace said...

I love the new designs!! I know your trip to market will be great--so excited to hear all about it!

Kim said...

I love love love your patterns. Aim high! I think these can grab about $30 bucks each easily! City mommies would love these bags!

Greene Family said...

I love them all!! I think I'll have to order the Seamstressed from you some time after market! :) I'm going to go check out your patterns too!

V and Co. said...

it was nice to meet you in person! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm loving these bags, I must have them! :) ~Sam

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