Monday, June 9, 2014

Remington's Room

 I have had a few requests (and by few, I mean like 3) to show Remi's room with the Petals décor. I don't have a complete photo of the room because it's not all finished and in fact these photos actually show it more "along the way" to completion because I'm not sure when I will actually finish it. I started the flower about 2 years ago and have modified it several times. But now I feel like it is perfect and my best critic (Remi) loves it hanging in her bedroom! We actually have a few now, but these photos are only showing the one.
 At one point, I made a quilt to match as's a lot of fun with the petals and ruffles in the middle, but I didn't include it in the pattern because I ran out of time. So...maybe next year? ;)
 One thing that I love so much about Remi, is that I never have to bribe her to smile for the camera. She is so willing all the time. She's bit younger in these photos. Her hair is a lot longer now, but her eyes and smile are still the same!
Once I finally decided on where to put the crib, I was able to finalize some decorations. I used all THREE templates in my pattern to make various sizes of baskets and wall petals for her. She just thinks this is the best thing ever and loves looking at her flower every night.
We were very careful with hanging the flower and made sure it was SUPER secure! I like that it's simple and enchanting all in one. Not over the top like a lot of little girl rooms. That's really how we like things around here. I was even able to find all of the polka dot fabric for super cheap (with coupon) at Hobby Lobby! The other fabrics are of course Lila Tuller by Riley Blake Designs.
We still have a lot to do with the rest of the room but I think this is a pretty good start! :)


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