Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Market Overload

This year market was an entirely different experience than last year, but still equally as fun. Have a "tiny" bit of experience under my belt helped and I was able to focus on more than just selling patterns...which I loved. Especially the networking. It's so great meeting people in this industry. So here's the recap  (in no particular order, because I'm feeling pretty lazy these days). My parents were able to come for Day 1 and see what market was all about. My mom had a glazed over look in her eyes the whole time, it was pretty funny. My brother Kim came for 2 days to help me figure out some of the business side of market and I was soooo grateful! He found out so much in two days that I've been trying to figure out in a year. Thanks bro!
 You all know Roni! She was a champ and helped out so much with the booth and sewing and soda runs and driving and just being there...love that girl! Oh ya, you know she's pregnant too right? She is...due in November! Super excited!
 Apparently my mom snapped this one of Kim and I chatting. And also...now I'm not only the "tiny" seamstress that everyone remembers for being so short, but I am also the "tiny" seamstress with the really "tall" brother (he's 6'6"). I love it! Everyone took pics everywhere we went because they didn't believe us. ha! They'd ask if he was my husband and I'd say, "No, he's my brother!" And then their jaws would drop! I love it! The ladies were really charmed by him though.
 The three of us at my parent's hotel. Yep, I'm looking really big and exhausted so just keep scrolling.
Shari (center) has been a great friend and mentor to me this year. It was so fun to catching up!
 Jason made these frames for me and I love them so much! They got more attention than the bags. I'm so excited to use them around the house now. :)
 AND THEN...one night, after everyone was gone, we took a little visit over to the Quilted Fish booth to see Elliot. I was going to steal him, but I didn't because their were too many witnesses...but next time I tell you!
 Quilted Fish booth again, with little miss Kayce.
 I was happy to see Jess back at market this year. She has such great designs. I've known her for several years and have always loved her bags!
 And for one of the great highlights of our trip! Roni and I were invited to the Riley Blake Party and we had so much fun. Even we were mondo pregnant and terrible dancers...it was fun!
 All you get is a cell phone pic. :)
That was our super fun trip! We stayed with my brother and his family, which left for some highly entertaining late nights with Carlin! Thanks to all of my super-supportive shops (new and old)! You were all so fun to meet and work with! OK, now I have to go make dinner for tonight because well, I am still a mom (a very very sad mom who missed her boy's preschool graduation for market...more on that later...if I can stand to think about it).


Candice @ Made With Love said...

I love all of the photos, especially the one of you and Elliot!!! It was such a pleasure having the chance to meet and chat with you!

Ashley said...

I'm impressed with everything in your booth! It looks great! I'm probably even more impressed because I can't really sew :) I'm glad it went well, and that you were able to spend time with your family and Roni!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

What a fun time and great pictures to share! You are looking marvelous in your current state, and so is your helper! Exciting times for both of you!


Lee and Roni Poston said...

I don't remember it being that fun lol :) Maybe it was the shear exhaustion!!! JK Lets pop these babies out so we can do it all over again. Miss you

Bonnie- Cotton Way said...

So fun to see you at Market, sorry we didn't have more time to chat. Your booth looks great and thanks so much for the patterns! Your bags are adorable! Good luck with the baby. Take some time off to enjoy snuggling.

Greene Family said...

How exciting that your parents and brother joined you and Roni at market this year! I can just imagine the jaw dropping looks from people when seeing you with your brother! :)
You booth looked amazing again this year!! Love those new frames Jason made for you too! Of course, all of your designs are adorable!
You look fantastic!! I can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby girl!!
Congratulations to Roni too!! What an exciting time for both of your families! Is this baby #5 for her?
So happy to hear that you had a great time at Market again! Sorry to hear that you had to miss preschool graduation though!