Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And so the story goes...

We had a fun Christmas this year! The boys are at that perfect age of grasping everything and actually being able to enjoy it all. We started our Christmas Eve off with a little Nativity recap and then the boys (& Grandma Wall who made a surprise visit) made cookies for Santa.
Followed with a letter to Santa of course!
And some Thomas and Scooby pj's from Grandma Wall.
And let's not forget the reindeer!
The boys sprinkled all sorts of glitter and reindeer food on the lawn
so our house wouldn't be missed.
AND THEN it was Christmas morning!
Some were excited and woke up at 5am sharp!
Others were tired and wanted to sleep a little longer.
The boys wanted exactly two things from Santa this year:
1. Knapford Station
2. Woody and Buzz race track
I think that my grand total of $34 is a record.
I know I will never get an inexpensive Christmas like that again!
Jason got an ipod nano that he had to purchase for himself last minute,
because his lovely wife forgot to hit the "pay now" button online.
I waited for two weeks for it to show up and it never did. :(
And I got a stupendous video camera that's so tiny it fits in my purse...I looove it!
We topped off our morning with some yummy cereal in the
cool new personalized bowls that Grandma K sent to us!
The boys went nuts over them, but I was so busy eating I didn't get a picture. :(
I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!


Jessica :) said...

I love your boys' faces opening their presents! I especially love the little one's face with that toy story thing. Classic!

Hillary said...

I have to say your one of my favorite designers to follow :) Cute pics and don't feel bad about the pay now button gifting problem :) I've done it too! Super frustrating!

Greene Family said...

Merry Christmas (a little late)! Love these pictures of your adorable boys! It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas, and it is so much fun seeing how excited they get with the magic of Christmas! Just think . . . next Christmas with three little ones . . . great times!
Yay for your boys wanting an inexpensive Christmas this year! I've done that with the pay now button before too. Jason actually ordered his new MP3 player for himself for Christmas this year - made my shopping easy. :) What kind of video camera did you get? I've been looking for 2 years and have yet to settle on one.

Greene Family said...

BTW (been meaning to send you a message) - my mom LOVES her new bag!! She was so excited!