Friday, June 11, 2010

A mini-vacation if you will.

The trip to Shriners went well...I think. After much poking and prodding, we (the docs included) made a few decisions. Sawyer will have a sleep study later this summer and next summer we will be straightening his legs, because "they don't look that great" as the P.A. put it.
A lot of information was thrown at us on this trip and I'm not sure if it's all factual or just guesses (you know how it goes). It was mentioned that Ruger's hearing loss could be stemmed from my genetic situation. Something about genetic mutations and such, I'm not fully convinced, but not in denial either. On this visit we were told that it is best to perform the limb lengthening procedure after the child has stopped growing (14-16 yrs.). AND also they said that the apparatus has advanced quite a bit and the wheelchair time is significantly less...that made me excited!
We were sitting there talking and suddenly the P.A. grabbed my legs and started tugging and pulling up my pant legs to see my scars. Lucky for him I've become adapted to such doctor behavior. He said that it's not often that they see such positive results from the procedure and they think it's because we waited until I was older. Again, I'm not sure if this just a case by case situation or not, I just wanted to throw it out there. And finally, they mentioned that when they do Sawyer's straightening that there would be no casts. They're just sticking a really small metal plate in his knee and it will guide his legs to straigthen in a different direction over a 6-8 month period. He won't even know it's there. Has anyone heard of this? I hadn't until this trip and I'm very curious. That wraps up the visit, but since we traveled all the way there, we decided to have some fun. Be prepared for some super cute, messy faces. :)
Last year at the fair Ruger was terrified of every ride but the train. This year he was hot stuff riding every single ride he could. There was no fear, not even on the water slides. And he could barely contain his excitement. He's never been so well behaved in his life!
Sawyer on the other hand didn't reach very many of the height requirements and so he got to watch from the wagon...look at that face!
He's not bored...just relaxed.
When Jason took both of them on this ride I was freaking out. I was so scared that Sawyer would slip under the rail, or Ruger would jump off. I walked all the way across the park, directly below them, just in case. The boys loved it!
And then when nightime came and we were all really tired, because noone took a nap, we decided to pack up and head to my brother's house for the night. We had a lot of fun with our cousins and learned that Aunt Carlin still makes the best food in the world! :) And that was our mini-vacation. We had a blast!


The LeVangie Family said...

oooh! You are so brave letting them ride that. Ray has wanted to do that at the fair for a couple of years now, and I absolutely refuse to let him. There's no seat belts or harnesses to keep them from falling. I am one paranoid mama! They can finally ride it when they're adults! ;)

Lee and Roni Poston said...

Ha Ha. When we were younger we would always throw things at people walking underneath us! Looks like the boys had a great time. Too bad you can't do that everyday, and have your kids on their best behavior all the time :)

Sweet Ruby Designs said...

Oh My Goodness you have got the cutest boys ever. It looks like they had a blast!

Betsy said...

Super cute pictures of your darling family. We agree that Aunt Carlin is the very best!!

Carlin said...

Well, we loved the company and if you'll come back for more food, I'll get started on a menu ; )
In that last pic Sawyer does not look like he was ready to leave! Cracked me up.

alicia.king said...

glad you had a little getaway! i was the same way on that ride when i went...and i didn't even have any kids!! i totally thought i better hang on tight we could slip right out!lol! and that picture of Sawyer is priceless! love it!

Destini said...

So it sounds like they are suggesting 8-plates? I have heard of those, and if you google 8plate, there is a good bit of info that pops up. Interesting info on the lengthening and age. Glad the boys enjoyed the rides, looks like a good trip!

Kim said...

Interesting information you recevied. I have opposite information on the ELL so I am interested in hearing all opinions. The opinion I got was the earlier the better because achon growth plates don't close until much later and the muscles have not had time to atrophy. I am excited though about less wheelchair time and I know the procedure has become more and more "easy" for lack of a better word. I actually plan to take Preston to West Palm Beach to see Paley next spring or summer to get some more information since if he started at 7 1/2 it's only three years from now that he would be starting. Thank you for posting this info.
Adorable pictures and I am so with you about the sky ride. I would have been freaking out too!

ROFO said...

You have cute boys :) lucky you!

Greene Family said...

What a great mini vacation! Glad to hear that your trip to Shriners went well! A lot of times when we leave certain doctor appointments, we say "they're just guessing and don't really know." :) I had not heard that about the leg lengthening procedure, but it sounds like it has really improved!
Ruger and Sawyer are so adorable - love the pictures! The picture of Sawyer looking up from the wagon is too cute! I'm laughing because I would have done the same with walking under the ride across the park! Cute picture of your boys at the end of the day at the park!