Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've been spending my days with these handsome boys:
And together...
We have had a lot of fun! Every year on the fourth of July, we head on over to Salmon, ID for a serious celebration. My husband grew up in Salmon and some days I find myself claiming to be from there as well (a far stretch from Nampa). I never in a million years thought that I'd enjoy riding 4-wheelers, attending derby's, feeding horses, or even chopping wood, but somehow I transfer from the tiny seamstress that I am into a country girl that just can't get enough.
My boys have been such troopers traveling to the dozen quilt shops that we've been to. I've really been enjoying this experience of going to various shops and meeting the incredible ladies that keep them all together. Most recently I made a stop in Utah. We were on our way home from my nieces and nephew's baptism, when I asked my dad to stop at Quilter's Haven. We pulled into the parking lot just as Joni was getting into her car, talk about timing!
I ran over to her and began introducing myself, some quilt owners would consider this to have been a crazy person and sent me in the other direction, but not Joni! She unlocked her store and invited me in.
You know that scene on Shopaholic, where she walks into the department store and describes something about melting butter, that was TOTALLY me! Had I not been trying to make an impression, I would have thrown dozens of bolts on the table and instructed her to start cutting. The fabric did not end! I was trying so hard to stay focused and not get distracted with her selection (seriously I was making notes in my head of who designed what so I could google them at home).
So anyway, she took a look at my patterns and embraced them like I do with my three year old when he skins his knee. She said my Glam Bag was like the new Swing Bag (ya know, like green is the new pink?). I nearly fell on my knees. I mean seriously, when someone says something that sweet, you know you're destined to be friends. Right? I don't know what the future holds, but for here and now I am very content.
I hope that everyone is enjoying the patterns and more than anything I love getting your emails as you finish each bag. That makes me rest easy at night. I have some exciting endeavors coming up and I hope that all of my readers will keep reading and get your friends to participate because I think we can really have a lot of fun. I've gathered a few ideas from your posts and emails and collaborated them, so stay tuned. As for an official winner, I will be dropping by this week, Alicia, with a fun little prize for your sewing space idea. You are right, I do need to share my space!

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alicia.king said...

your boys are soo cute! love the matching shirts as well, I love to do that :) Glad you had a fun fourth with your family! I love Salmon, too bad I haven't been there in about 3 years? lost count now, we keep saying that we are going, and then our summers get to busy! I totally know what you are talking about, that is like me whenever I visit another cute store :) It's like your head is spinning with creative ideas with all the cuteness you see!! lol! I can't wait to see your space!