Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quiet Books and Potatoe Pals!

I decided that we should kick off the new Spring Collection with some Quiet Books! My best friend Roni and I have made these for a couple of years and sold them around at craft fairs. These are just a few samples of what we have. The page layouts are basically the same for every book. There are six pages per book. You can mix and match your pages if you prefer, just let me know in your email. Fabric selections vary as well. Quiet books start at $45. Customs are available upon request for additional charge.

We also sell single page layouts of our Potatoe Pals. They are a one page book and include pieces for both a boy and girl potatoe pal. $25.

1 comment:

spatig fam said...

CUTE!!!After sitting by us on Sunday you can tell I really need the help of your hadny little quiet books...I like them all. So I will have to bring Tayson over one day to pick if that is ok..I might have to get a girl one for Toree..She is worse then either of the boys and she is 11!!!HELP!!LOL